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Boswellia Sacra Essential Oil

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Boswellia sacra

Boswellia sacra grows in the Dhofar mountains of southern Oman. Although this species occurs in Yemen as well, almost all resin is harvested in Oman. The unique microclimates and ecologies in different parts of its range produce the different grades of resin. 

Green and Red Hojary come from the trees at the highest altitudes of the Jebel Samhan mountains, where the land is dry and windswept, with relatively little sea fog. The different colors are believed to come from the different chemicals in the trees’ bark; even the same individual trees can produce rainbows of red, green, white, orange, and yellow resin. 

By contrast, the black resin comes from trees at lower elevations, particularly in the western Jebel Qamar mountains, where the trees grow in coastal wadis and cliffs, and have access to far more sea fog for water. It is believed that this moisture gives the frankincense its distinctive black color. 

The mountain wadis that contain the frankincense have traditionally been said to be protected by feathered serpents and Djinn, powerful spirits that protect the trees and take vengeance on unworthy trespassers. These beliefs have traditionally played a role in protecting the trees from excessive harvesting. The resin is traditionally used, even today, for it healing and spiritual properties. Many Omanis drink frankincense water or tea (water with frankincense resin soaked in it) for its curative properties, and burn the resin for its purifying properties and to keep evil spirits at bay.  

Boswellia sacra is known as the sacred frankincense, for its starring role and frequent use in religious ceremonies, particularly for the uplifting, spiritual effect of burning the resin or diffusing the essential oil. There is relatively little chemical variation between the grades. All B. sacra are known to be very high in a-pinene, particularly (+)-a-pinene, which is known for its strong antimicrobial effects as well as its ability to reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and reduce pain. Additionally, all grades are rich in various boswellic acids, which have been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. They are also being investigated as potential anti-cancer agents (although there is not yet a therapeutic protocol for their use in cancer, and should not be considered a “cancer cure”). The essential oil has a distinctive warm, fresh, rich scent, with sweet-resinous, slightly woody and peppery notes. Boswellia sacra has various therapeutic properties, including antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, chondroprotective, antibronchitic, gastroprotective, anxiolytic, vulnerary, anti-acetylcholinesterase, and mucolytic effects.  

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This Boswellia Sacra is sustainably sourced from the great country of Oman