Our Mission

Our mission is to source products that enhance your life in mind, body and spirit, through the establishment of ethical and sustainable trade lines that have a restorative impact on the socio-economic development of the communities and the preservation of their natural resources.  Our ultimate goal is to connect you to these communities, first-hand, to deepen our collective awareness of the impact we have when we choose consciousness.

Contribution in two ways...


The growth and consistency of our business impacts our purchasing power which in turn benefits the harvesting communities at the source.  This creates a virtuous cycle whereby the people and natural resources at the source prosper.  This is the inspiration behind everything we do.  


10% of our profit is invested back directly into the harvesting communities and those working to create sustainable change.

Our Values


- It is our collective responsibility to dismantle the effects of unconscious consumption and trade


- To seek out and partner with those that are sincerely committed to this mission 

- To support their endeavors through our trade and profit sharing


- To share with you what we are doing and what we learn along the way 

- To connect you to the people and places that we serve