This is a mother/daughter venture combining a daughter’s love for frankincense and a mother’s business experience. Smudge Allot reflects our shared values and purpose.

Together we learned that frankincense was a treasured commodity amongst the first traded in history, tracing back over 5,000 years ago. Frankincense and myrrh were traded on the route known as Incense Road, from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe and Asia. It is said that Nero burned an entire harvest to honor his wife at her funeral. There is also the beloved story of the Three Kings travelling to visit the Infant Christ bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  

We discovered that today, that trade line is neither sustainable, nor ethical, and transparency is non-existent. There are few benefitting disproportionately, while the vast majority of harvesting communities are trapped in a poverty cycle. As a result, the trees in these communities have been over-tapped and now face endangerment. Corporations, across several industries, purchase frankincense and myrrh essential oils with little to no awareness of how the resins required to produce these oils are obtained at the source.

Through the help and friendship extended to us by the science community working to save the trees, and build an ethical supply chain, we source sustainably grown and fairly traded resin to offer you. Our vision is to create an enterprise that, as it grows, increasingly benefits the people and trees at the source.


A love of frankincense and a deep desire to reconnect with my motherland, Africa - leads me to this present day and the concept of Smudge Allot. 


The journey here is the inspiration behind this venture. The challenges and learnings along the way empower me to be uncompromising in my choices now.