The journey here is the inspiration behind this venture. The challenges and learnings along the way empower me to be uncompromising in my choices now.  

Creating this business with my daughter is a gift beyond measure. It is the creative expression of our shared values and purpose.  

My 20+ years in business development in the beauty industry was beneficial to this opportunity. However, this is so much more than building a brand. For me, this venture illuminated the destruction caused by the corporate paradigm of low-cost sourcing as a lever to grow profitability. The damage to people and planet as a result is blatant. Imminent change is necessary. 

This venture is about healing. There is no healing or true freedom without the truth. Heightening our awareness will elevate our choices.   

My VISION is to inspire the creation of enterprises that benefit people and planet from source to end user in an equitable way.     

My DREAM is that through expanding our collective consciousness, capitalism will evolve to stand for the prosperity of ALL citizens of this planet.


A love of frankincense and a deep desire to reconnect with my motherland, Africa - leads me to this present day and the concept of Smudge Allot.