A love of frankincense and a deep desire to reconnect with my motherland, Africa - leads me to this present day and the concept of Smudge Allot. 

I was 31 years old when I started the business and created Smudge Allot but my love for the incense stemed from my childhood. 

I grew up Catholic and felt more connected to frankincense then I did the church. In my 20's I was always on the search for how to get resin. It proved hard to consistently find large quantities of high quality and sustainable resin.

I started to do research and eventually connected with Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo, a leading scientist in the field of Boswellia trees. I went to my mom and asked her to partner with me, as she has over 25 years experience in business development. I knew we could successfully build something impactful and sustainable, 

I just knew I couldn't do it without my mom. Since fall of 2020, my mother and I are officially co-owners of Smudge Allot Inc. 

None of this would have been possible without Angel Gang. Without them Smudge Allot would of remained just a concept. Fast forward to present day, we have a healthy frankincense and myrrh supply chain, just like our ancestors. I know they are proud of what we have done and will continue to do.Glory be on to the most high.Highpriestess,Destiny Aka QueenCup 


The journey here is the inspiration behind this venture. The challenges and learnings along the way empower me to be uncompromising in my choices now.